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Dmitry Kvartalnov: «Two tough periods, but we won the third one − it's good»

Dmitry Kvartalnov, Ak Bars head coach, after the victory over Neftekhimik (4:1) in the first match of the playoffs emphasized that the team played a decent match, and the opponent was charged and does not suffer psychological pressure.

– It's not an easy game-Nizhnekamsk was charged, they play very aggressively, they played in the defensive zone. We asked the guys not to offense openly, but as soon as we played incorrectly, we were attacked. Timur (Bilyalov) played well, the defense was on the line as well. Two tough periods, in the third we scored on the power play and won it 2-0. It's good.

− There was a feeling that the team lacked creativity today.

− Today we lacked a lot of things, and lost the puck somewhere. But we have an experienced team, this happens, there are issues, I can’t say that we were on the top, especially in the beginning. The team played and controlled the game until the end, we must pay tribute to the opponent – they felt free, and will continue. This is a plus for them.

− You were very active on the bench today, even set down to the players.

− I was a little nervous, but then I got a grip.

− Will Timur Bilyalov play the second match in the series?

− We’ll see. He played well, but I think Adam (Reideborn) is ready too. Probably, we’ll play the playoffs with two goaltenders.

− Bilyalov has got an advantage – only 5 foreign players can apply at the same time.

− I don't want to say it, but it’s obvious. We don’t have Danis (Zaripov) on the special team. But for Timur, this is also the first playoff experience, he has got his chance. For many players as well.

− How do you comment on the fight between Pavel Poryadin and Emil Galimov? They are ex-teammates.

− Now Poryadin is paid by Nizhnekamsk, and Galimov by Ak Bars. They are good friends, but on the rink, you have to forget about for 60 minutes. There was a dustup, emotions, but no filth – this is important.