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Dmitry Kvartalnov: «Goals in the first period decided a match»

Dmitry Kvartalnov, head coach of Ak Bars, after the win over Neftekhimik (5:1) in the second match of the playoff series noted a good first period and emphasized that it will not be easy on the road.


− Very tough game. It's good that we scored and made a handicap in the first period- it decided a match. Neftekhimik is pully, pushy, running: it was hard for us to get out of pressure, Timur (Bilyalov) rescued us at the last frame. We are going to Nizhnekamsk, we lost the last 2 games there, and we remember that. It won't be easy there.

− How is Danis Zaripov, and do you need him in this series?

− We hope that he will play (in the first round), but not in the next game. We miss him both on the power play and in the locker room, although he is always with the team.

− Artyom Lukoyanov scored his first goal in the season today.

− We are very happy for him, I think he should have scored more. But it happens – no luck, or kind of a bad patch. He is very helpful for the team, no doubt. We are happy for him and hope he’ll to continue this way.

− Matthew Frattin has replaced Zaripov successfully. Will it be a problem when Danis comes back?

− We're not thinking about it yet. We will find a position for him, they played well in the line with Voronkov and Galiyev. Things are changing a bit – we have Adam (Reideborn) in good shape, but so far. When Zaripov will return, we will think and find a place for him.

− What’s your opinion on Frattin’s play? He scores and assists to Galiyev.

− They play well, effectively- this is good. Perhaps, we expected more goals in the regular season, but now they are coming back. It's great, all the goals in the playoffs are important.

– Ak Bars lost most of faceoffs today.

– I agree, we paid attention to this after each period. We lost this issue completely today, and we need to improve it. We can win faceoffs, but it happened.