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Dmitry Kvartalnov: «Every match of this series has been amazing»

Dmitry Kvartalnov, Ak Bars head coach, after the victory over Neftekhimik (1:0) and entering the semifinals of the conference, noted that the series turned out to be exciting and interesting, also thanked the opponent and told about the plans of the team during the break.

− Of course, we are happy with a tense win with a close score. The ending was good. What can I say? It was a hard-fought series – Nizhnekamsk started very well in every match, and today in the first period it was not easy for us, then we got into the game. I think it was a good, fast, contact game – I think all four games have been amazing, it was interesting to watch them: the hockey players rushed to the puck, there was a fight. We have won and go on, Nizhnekamsk- good job, Vyacheslav (Butsaev) trained a good team. I think it was built for him-the beginning, pre-season training, good work and good youth.

− Ak Bars conceded 3 goals in 4 games – no mistakes made?

− I think there were mistakes: the goalie played well, as well as the defense played well. There were many chances – in the previous game we didn't stand up, we conceded a goal. It was hard and interesting to play, the series could turn in any direction. We were luckier.

− Why did the team fail to capitalize on the power play?

− It’s hard. Again, I say that we are playing against a good team, their goalie played well, especially in Nizhnekamsk.

− The first line has low production. What’s the reason?

− A completely different competition has started. They spend most of time on the ice, there are no questions here – they play shorthanded, the opponent's coach puts his best players against them. We are satisfied with their play. Well, they didn’t score... They make a great contribution to our wins.

− The team will have a ten- day break. Is it good, because you can recover, or bad, because the game ton can be lost?

− I agree, the game tone will go away in 10 days. But we will work, rest, and recover our injuries. The game was whipping out, the guys got tired. We will lose some rhythm, but it’s ok: I think this is a kind of competition when the referee drops a puck – and it all begins.

− What will the team do these 10 days?

− There is a plan for the team preparation, we know how to behave in the playoffs. We'll rest and, of course, work.