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Dynamo Moscow - Ak Bars - 2:7

On December 24, Ak Bars played the final match in 2020with a score of 7:2, winning the eighth victory in a row.

There were two changes after the victory over Spartak. Nikita Lyamkin returned and Roman Lyubimov replaced Viktor Tikhonov and made his debut for Ак Bars. Timur Bilyalov took the place at the gate again.

The first period of the match turned out to be effective. By the 12th minute the score was 2:2

The key was the second period when Dmitry Kvartalnov's players scored four unanswered goals.

At the beginning of the third period teams exchanged penalties until the end of the game. Nikita Dynyak scored the seventh goal. Kazan successfully completed the year and extended the winning streak to eight matches.

Dynamo Moscow – Ak Bars – 2:7 (2:2, 0:4, 0:1)

1:0 Kruglov (O. Zaitsev, Rashevsky, 06:04)

1:1 Voronkov (07:37)

2:1 Kagarlitsky (Jaskin, Sergeyev, 08:31)

2:2 Glukhov (Lyubimov, Dynyak, 11:45)

2:3 Fisenko (Petrov, Cormier, 22:42)

2:4 Dawes (Da Costa, Cormier, 26:34, 5x4)

2:5 Da Costa (Wikstrand, Dawes, 28:44, 5x4)

2:6 Da Costa (Dawes, Zhuravlyov, 33:08)

2:7 Dynyak (Glukhov, Zaripov, 51:09)

Goaltenders: Garipov (Bocharov, 28:44) – Bilyalov.

Ak Bars team:

Goaltenders: Timur Bilyalov (Adam Reidenborn);

Mikael Wikstrand – Trevor Murphy, Nigel Dawes – Stephane Da Costa – Stanislav Galiyev;

Albert Yarullin (a) – Andrei Pedan, Dmitry Voronkov – Artyom Galimov – Danis Zaripov (c);

Dmitry Yudin – Nakita Lyamkin, Roman Lyubimov – Mikhail Glukhov (a) – Nikita Dynyak;

Daniil Zhuravlov, Kirill Petrov – Patrice Cormier – Mikhail Fisenko; Ivan Yemets.