Ak Bars Bank self-service terminals

How to purchase tickets with Ak Bars Bank
self-service terminals?

To purchase tickets to HC Ak Bars home matches, held at Tatneft Arena, with Ak Bars Bank self-service terminals, please follow the instruction.

Payment by a credit card and cash is available. The ticket has a barcode to be read by the ticket barrier of Tatneft Arena.

1. Press «Tatneft Arena. Tickets» in the «Payments» section.

2. Press «Ice Hockey» and «Next» to continue..

3. Select an event from the list and press «Next».

4. Select a sector to buy a ticket.

5. Select a seat. One can purchase up to 5 tickets, the exact seat must be selected for each ticket from the pop-up screen. If less than 5 tickets are being purchased, close the pop-up window by pressing «X» and press «Next» to continue.

6. Type in your full name and press «Next» to continue.

7. Check the entered information and press «Next» to confirm.

8. Select the type of payment – «Pay by Cash» or «Pay by a credit card».

9. Read the information about the payment and commission (0 rouble) and press «Next» to continue.

10. Confirm the amount of the purchase and press «Next» to continue.

11. Insert banknotes or a credit card according to the selected type of payment.

12. When the requested amount has been inserted, press «Pay».

13. Get the receipts which are the tickets. The quantity of receipts corresponds to the quantity of purchased seats.

14. Bring the receipt to the match, place it face down to the reader at the ticket barrier at Tatneft Arena.

15. Information about the location of Ak Bars Bank self-service terminals is available at the Terminals page of the bank website.